Advocacia e Consultoria de Excelência
Segunda-feira, 20 de Outubro de 2014 -
Previsão do Tempo
Hoje - Brasília,DF
Predomínio de Sol
15ºC 27ºC
Terça-feira - Brasília,DF
Predomínio de Sol
17ºC 27ºC


Cargo: Attorney-Partner Director OAB: 38107/DF
Resumo Profissional:
Attorney - Specialist for Immigration Law, acquired experience throughout his career as Federal Police Commissary, as General Coordinator of Immigration Police (CGPI) of the Federal Police Department, inspecting agency for entrance, abode, permanence and exit of foreigners from Brazil; interface with Foreigners Department of Ministry of Justice, with General Immigration Coordination (CGI) of Ministry of Labor, with Immigration Division (DIM) of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade, with Ministry of Tourism and with the Presidency of the Republic, having directly performed the formulation of Normative Resolutions of the National Immigration Counsel (CNIg/MTE), the formulation of Normative Resolutions of the National Refugees Committee (CONARE/MJ) and of several collegiate in connection with the “Mercosur” member states. Presided the Organization Committee of Immigration Police Legislation of the “CGPI”; Project Manager of Federal Government (PROMASP/Brazilian Passport Modernization Committee); Major Events Security Coordinator of United Nations Organization (UNO); National Police Academy Professor (ANP/DPF) for the disciplines of Judicial Situation of Foreigners in Brazil and Police Intelligence in Professional Education Courses; participated in the main events about Foreign Workforce, about Immigration Policy in Brazil and Abroad and in the International Affairs Course from the Brazilian Legislative Institute (ILB/SENADO); Specialist for Methodology of Higher Education at the National University of Brasília; Specialist for Public Security Management at the University of Tocantins Foundation (UNITINS/ANP/DPF); Bachelor of Law from the Jurisprudence Faculty of Bauru/São Paulo/Toledo University (ITE); participated in several juridical actualization courses at the Superior Lawyer College in Brasília (ESA/OAB/DF); since June 2013 designated Counselor of the Brazilian Attorney Order (OAB/DF) for the Foreign Affairs Committee.
Honour Decorations:
Brasília Order of Merit – GDF
Rio Branco Order of Honour – Itamaraty – MRE

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